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The Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce (BWSCC) is a non-profit membership-based organization formed to promote the sound economic well-being of African American-owned businesses. The BWSCC serves as an advocate to unify, promote and empower the African American community through entrepreneurship, programming, economic development, education, and training in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


To create and build equitable qualities of life and business opportunities for the African American community through business education, legislative advocacy, and economic development.


To educate, create, and inspire economic vitality in the African American community.


  • Entrepreneurship Training

  • Rentable Office Space (Coming Q1 2022)

  • Business Coaching/Mentoring

  • Apprenticeship Training (Coming Q1 2022)

  • Business Promotion Opportunities

DOnors and Partners

We would like to thank our DONors and partnerS who support the chamber's mission, programs, and events.
Our Plan:


Partner with our local community and the opportunities it offers.

Increase membership through programs, events, seminars and networking.



Serve as a voice for members and businesses on the local, state and national level.

Work to ensure our members have access to capital and public & private contracts.

Business Develop

Committed to helping Black business leaders achieve excellent performance and growth through entrepreneur and business management training.


Entrepreneurial Education

Providing mentoring, entrepreneurial training, business consulting, and networking opportunities designed to support startups and small businesses.

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