Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce

1800 S. Baltimore Ave, Ste. 815 Tulsa, OK 74119

Phone: 918-764-8833

Fax: 918-764-8480

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As a community, we all share the same challenges. We are faced with a growing, but somewhat fragile economy, yet we continue to be hopeful as we look toward the future. Our will to succeed is found in knowing that we are not alone, and now more than ever, it is critical that we work together to find solutions and effect change. Strength in numbers lends weight and credibility to our message, and it is the backbone and foundation of a chamber of commerce.

As an advocate for local businesses and the community, the Black Wall Street Chamber is uniquely positioned to assist in effectively facing these challenges. By leveraging the collective strength of our membership, we can influence public policy related to business and economic development, as well as quality of life issues impacting business such as those related to transportation, housing and education.

We have developed an extensive network offering an abundance of business and marketing opportunities to ensure the community’s continued prosperity. Acting as a communication hub, we can provide our members with up to date news on critical business issues and their impending impact. Our wide range of educational materials and opportunities allows our members to continue to sharpen their professional skills. Without question, we are an organization committed to building a strong, prosperous and thriving community.

Our work in the community and our efforts to enhance the quality of life in Tulsa continue to be a driving force for our Chamber and its members. We know that quality of life issues is vital to attracting employers and employees alike to Tulsa and maintaining a thriving local economy.

Our strength lies in our ability to work together. We invite you to join us in our quest to build a stronger and more prosperous community. Invest in yourself, your business and your community by becoming involved in the Black Wall Street Chamber. We welcome your participation.


Sherry Gamble Smith

Board of Directors

The Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce is led by a volunteer board of directors that:

- Determines future vision

- Establishes governing policies

- Sets public policy positions

- Monitors organizational performance,

including continuous improvement,

member engagement,

and business community leadership. 

The board employs a President and CEO to manage the Chamber’s administration, professional staff, programs, and resources.

Chamber board directors engage with the Chamber on a deeper level, offering their time, talent and energy on a regular basis for an extended period of time (two-year terms). Directors are Chamber advocates who understand their board work is for the good of the organization and have the Chamber’s best interests at heart.

Melvin pic.jpg

Melvin Gilliam

Chairman of the Board

Sherry Laskey

Vice Chair

Sherry Laskey2.jpg
Dave Davis pic2.jpg

David Davis

Treasurer & Education Committee Chair

Vanessa Hall-Harper

Membership Committee & Power Group Chair

Dr. Darnell Blackmon

Economic Development Committee Chair

Cordell Dement

Economic Development Co-Chair

Cordell Dement2.jpg
Kristi Williams.jpg

Kristi Williams

Historical & Tourism Committee Chair

Greg Robinson

Government Relations Committee Chair

Greg Robinson.jpg
Williams Tisdale pic.jpg

William Tisdale

Board Member

Jabar Shumate

Board Member