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As an African American community in our nation, we are faced with many challenges. With an always growing but somewhat fragile economy, we continue to be optimistic as we look toward the future. Our will to succeed is knowing that we are not alone, and now more than ever, we must work collectively to find solutions that influence change. Strength in numbers contributes to power and integrity to our message and is the foundation of our Chamber.

The Black Wall Street Chamber has positioned itself as an advocate for local businesses and the community to effectively face these challenges. By building on our membership's collective strength, we can influence public policy related to business and economic development in the black community and the quality-of-life issues impacting the industry, such as transportation, education, and housing.


The BWSCC has prioritized the development of an extensive network offering business and marketing opportunities to ensure the community's success and prosperity. As a communication hub, we can provide our members with news on critical business issues and their imminent impact. Our wide range of business educational tools and opportunities allows our members to continue to sharpen their professional skills while networking with other career-focused professionals. We are committed to building a healthy, thriving, and prosperous business community.


Our work and our community efforts to enhance Tulsa's quality of life for African Americans and maintaining a thriving local economy will always be a driving force for BWSCC and its members. 


Our strength depends on our ability to work together to create sustainable spaces and gateways for the next generations to thrive in building wealth through business opportunities.  We invite you to join us as we continue to build a healthier and more prosperous community Invest in yourself, your business, and your community by becoming involved in the Black Wall Street Chamber. We welcome your participation.


Sherry Gamble Smith

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