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Dear Valued Supporter and Friend,
The holiday season is a time to celebrate and rejoice in the spirit of giving and new
beginnings. Unlike years prior, the pandemic has impacted so many in unbelievable and unexpected ways. As a community, we have experienced unimaginable loss, tragedy and isolation. However, we know that even in loss, there is light. In this season, we ask that you partner with us to bring light, love and joy to North Tulsa. I would like to grab this opportunity to request your support in hosting the inaugural “pop-up” event:

Holidays on the Ave - Welcome to Green-ville! This holiday lights display will run
December 16th continuing through Saturday, January 2nd, 2021, with the official
DRIVE-THRU “pop-up” event held on Saturday, December 19th, 2020 from
Noon-3PM. The “pop-up” will take place at the corner of E. Pine Street and Greenwood
Avenue, specifically, 605 E. Pine Street Tulsa, OK.

Our hope is that this light-hearted and unique inaugural event provides the opportunity
for all members of our community to celebrate. Sponsorship of this year’s “Green-ville”
event is a win-win all the way around. We have several levels to choose from, most of
which include opportunities to promote your organization and/or business through radio
and social media. For two special “Green-ville” sponsors, we are offering naming

Sponsor Levels

Sponsor recognition on all social media and day-of
printed materials.

Sponsor recognition on all social media, radio spots
and printed materials.

Sponsor listed on all event
recognition, printed materials, social media and radio spots and naming recognition
at Green-ville’s tree lighting ceremony.

Banner sponsor listed on all event recognition; earned
media; printed materials, social media, radio spots and naming recognition on
Green-ville buildings.

$0 - $499

$500 - $999

$1000 - $2499


Loula Green Who

Dr. A.C.
Green Who

Stradford Council

Green Who

Gurley Green Who

For more information on how you can support this incredible event, please contact Jabar Shumate, Historic Greenwood Main Street Project Manager at or (405) 885-8621.


We sincerely appreciate your generous support and look forward to celebrating the holiday season in
partnership with you.

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