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Our Purpose

To be an entry vehicle into the Chamber and to promote new member involvement; to be an open forum to exchange ideas and to foster a strong network among peers; to create and promote industry innovation and discuss important trade issues; to collaborate with general contractors, architects, and other segments of the construction industry and their associations, along with organizations representing the building trades in connection with all lawful matters of interest to the construction industry; to promote community philanthropy and the betterment of community relations; to act as a trade association for its members and to perform for its members those services which can better be performed as a group than separately; to do any and all lawful acts and things to help the construction industry better serve the Black Contractors and to promote any legitimate common interest of its members; to improve employee-management relations and to strive for reasonable and equitable solutions to problems of labor. 

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Our Mission

The Tulsa Black Contractors Association (TBCA) strives to address the needs of local African American contractors, builders and laborers who historically have not received a fair share of public and private contracting opportunities. It is our mission to provide unified industry leadership, superior advocacy, workforce development, labor relations, and training services.

Core Values

Tulsa Black Contractors Association fosters the core values of ADVOCACY, EDUCATION, INTEGRITY, and UNITY in each of its members and reflects these values in all that it does.

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