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The goal of the Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce is to enhance the quality of life for African Americans and the north Tulsa community through economic development, education, workforce development, community development, and legislative advocacy. Through our active membership, we provide benefits that will not only help cultivate our members but also help the community grow.


To create and build the quality of life and business opportunities for the African American community through business education, African American cultural values, legislative advocacy, and economic development.


To educate, create, and inspire economic vitality in the African American community.


We help businesses grow because we are:

  • Inclusive

  • Professional

  • Honest

  • Innovative

  • Accountable



Partner with the local community and the opportunities it offers.

Increase membership through programs, events, seminars and networking.


Serve as a voice for members and businesses on the local, state and national level.

Work to ensure our members have access to capital and public & private contracts.


Create an environment where educators, organizations and businesses partner together to ensure a qualified workforce.

Provide tools and resources that will professionally advance you, your employees and your business.


Apprise businesses of pertinent news, events, policies and legislation.

Build community awareness and involvement through civic engagement, education and leadership.

Convey business principles based in African American culture

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Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce

1800 S. Baltimore Ave, Ste. 815 Tulsa, OK 74119

Phone: 918-764-8833

Fax: 918-764-8480

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