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Building Black Businesses

We exist to create access to an equitable quality of life and champion generational wealth within the Black community. Through business education, legislative advocacy and economic development, we are honoring Black Wall Street's legacy and empowering it's future.

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Our membership opens doors to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and tailored support designed to fuel your growth. Join a vibrant collective of like-minded business owners and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial journey, with all-inclusive support.


Join our Nest Collective Program

From startups to established enterprises, the Nest Collective early stage accelerator provides local visionaries with guidance, business development tools and entrepreneurial resources to help BIPOC business owners thrive. This 9-week program incorporates business coaching, financial literacy, strategic planning, marketing and wellness to position each cohort for success.


Join our Black Contractors Alliance

Embark on a fulfilling construction career with our 4-week Contractors Academy Training Program. Earn an OSHA Construction Safety Certification and get hands-on design experience, while learning industry insights from local experts.


Learn more about The P.O.W.E.R. Group

The P.O.W.E.R. Group invites community donors to participate in buying back and redeveloping our neighborhoods. Together, we can strengthen our communities, drive economic growth, and honor the resilience of Black Wall Street.


Donate to Support our Programs

Join us in preserving the legacy and fostering the future of Black entrepreneurship. Your support fuels our mission to empower BIPOC business owners through intentional programming, resources, and community advocacy.


Visit Black Wall Street Tour

In 1921 an attack on Black Tulsa was so atrocious that city leaders tried to hide the truth. Our tour of Greenwood is about how African Americans arrived in Oklahoma, how Black Wall Street prospered, why it was attacked, how it got rebuilt, and why it was later dismantled.


To educate, create, and inspire economic vitality for Black Businesses in the region.

The Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce (BWSCC) is a non-profit membership-based organization formed to promote the sound economic well-being of African American-owned businesses. The BWSCC serves as an advocate to unify, promote and empower the African American community through entrepreneurship, programming, economic development, education, and training in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


Honoring Black Wall Street in Tulsa

Tulsa, Oklahoma's Black Wall Street epitomized African American resilience and economic empowerment in the early 20th century, flourishing as a hub of entrepreneurship and cultural pride. The Greenwood district was an epicenter for thriving Black businesses with a self-sustaining economy, and proudly stood as one of the most affluent African American neighborhoods in the nation. 


This unprecedented prosperity was abruptly halted by the racially-incited  Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921, where hundreds of Black-owned businesses and homes were hatefully destroyed. Despite the immense trauma, Greenwood’s community rebuilt, steadfast and determined. 


Today, the legacy of Black Wall Street serves as a poignant reminder of both Black excellence and the systemic disparities that threaten the access to an equitable future. With continued resilience and progress, the legacy of Black Wall Street still echoes throughout the Greenwood district and serves as a reference Black American’s ability to thrive economically, culturally, and socially across the nation.

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