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Black Contractors Alliance

The Black Contractors Alliance (BCA) is a pioneering initiative under the auspices of the Black Wall Street Chamber, designed to forge a robust network of Black contractors. Our mission is to catalyze connections among Black contractors and unveil pathways for them to compete effectively for large-scale contracts issued by local, state, and federal agencies.

Black Workers


Building Futures, Building Communities

Our Purpose:
The Black Contractor's Alliance stands as a beacon of empowerment and economic progression, aligning with the broader objectives of the US Black Chamber of Commerce to bridge the racial wealth gap through the strategic leverage of the trades sector.

Our Program:

  • Networking Events:
    Regularly scheduled meetings, workshops, and networking events designed to foster relationships and collaborative opportunities among Black contractors.


  • Educational Workshops and Seminars:
    Focused on enhancing business skills, financial literacy, and technical acumen, preparing members to meet the demands of large-scale contracts.

  • Bid Opportunity Alerts: 
    Timely notifications about 
    relevant bidding opportunities with local, state, and federal agencies, ensuring members are well-positioned to compete.

  •  Advocacy and Policy Engagement: Active participation in advocacy efforts to influence policies that impact the economic well-being of Black contractors and the broader community.

  • Mentorship Programs:
    Pairing emerging contractors with experienced professionals to guide them through the complexities of the construction industry and business management., the Black Wall Street Contractors Academy is a four-week program that specializes in solving the problems of equitable, timely, and affordable career training by providing classroom instruction and field training to adults. The program will teach introduction to construction, architecture, and design filling vacancies where skill gaps have made hiring difficult. Our primary goal is to recruit interest from individuals who are unemployed, under-employed, or looking to reskill.

Looking at Plans

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